Our Mission

We are dedicated to the eradication of stigma caused by cancer

About Us

Limau Cancer Connection 

Limau Cancer Connection is a non-profit organization in CA, USA and a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kenya. We help breast cancer survivors to form meaningful friendships through knitting circles to end the stigma caused by cancer.

We pride ourselves in connecting cancer survivors, one stitch at a time. We help them to create a lemonade out of the lemons that cancer throws at them.

Knocking on Hope’s Door

Knitted prostheses have helped the knitters to grow more confident and positive about life; they have opened up to each other and found understanding and acceptance.

We use the prostheses to educate people on breast cancer. We hide a bean inside the prostheses and ask the ladies to look for the bean and feel the hardness. This is the same way they should be feeling for lumps.

People love them as they are light, easy to fit in a normal bra, and washable



— Our Mission

The Limau cancer connection is a non governmental organization whose mission is the eradication of stigma caused by cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of both people living with cancer as well as cancer survivors

— Our Vision

Promote a new lease of life for cancer survivors

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