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If you want to learn more about our projects, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we manage to grow cancer awareness so fast.
1. Jiunganishe na Limau!

  • Every 60 seconds, someone in the world dies from breast cancer. In Kenya, more than 41,000 people lose their lives to cancer every year, and many or those lives can be saved through early screening. Limau intends to organise country-wide outreaches to mobilize decision-makers and communities to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50% by the year 2030.

  • The Limau Mammography bus will eliminate barriers by making it faster and more convenient for women in rural areas and the slums to have a mammogram screening, the key to lifesaving early detection of breast cancer. Click Here To Know More…

  • In this nationwide campaign, we intend to sensitise communities on cancer prevention and management; provide breast cancer screening; facilitate referrals to specialist treatment; rehabilitative and palliative care centres; and to help communities self-organise in solidarity groups for social inclusion and psychosocial support.
2. Promise Me;

  • People who complete their full course of breast cancer treatment have a higher chance of survival. Recent studies show that cancer patients in Kenya spend anywhere between KES 100,000 and KES 6 million for treatment, with the average expenditure on cancer treatment being about KES 1.5 million per year. The high costs of treatment and rehabilitation deter patients from seeking treatment or result in discontinuation of treatment often with catastrophic results not only on the health of the patient but also on family income.

  • While the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) does provide medical coverage for all segments of the population for a monthly contribution, financing is partial, often exposing patients to high out-of-pocket expenses. Furthermore, not all people are aware of the existence of available medical coverage.

  • No patient should have to choose between their cancer treatment and putting food on the table. For this reason, the Promise Me initiative is designed to shield patients seeking breast cancer treatment from incurring out-of-pocket expenses. This initiative provides health education to marginalized communities across Kenya.

3. Community psychosocial groups… “Shona na Limau”

  • No woman should walk without a breast campaign – Limau knitting groups. Recognizing the stigma associated with mastectomy and acknowledging high costs of prosthetic breasts, Limau has trained over 500 women to make prosthetics with 100% cotton yarn empowering these women economically and providing an inexpensive option to women who were previously using cabbage leaves, rolled up T shirts and socks in lieu of prosthetics.

  • The knit prosthetics cost about US $10 relative to their silicone counterparts which retail for between US $ 59 and US$ 500. Limau has over the last years donated over 10,000 knitted prostheses to breast cancer survivors all over the Count, Kijabe hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Alexandria Cancer Center, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital supporting most active cancer treatment centres that serves the majority of underserved women.

4. The 40-40 National Mammogram Campaign;

  • In partnership with medical facilities across the country, Limau has set the goal to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women and high-risk men through the Limau mammography bus.

  • Due to the unavailability of cancer diagnostics and treatment centres in rural areas, this initiative will extend mobile cancer diagnostics services to communities and facilitate access to breast cancer treatment facilities for those requiring treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Limau is currently seeking donations to purchase a mobile mammography bus fitted with full 3D diagnostics machine. The buses will traverse all 47 counties of Kenya, making stops in major towns to sensitize the public on cancer as well as provide breast cancer screening services and offering referrals to our partner hospitals. We hope to start awareness in October during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • This initiative will also support the establishment of cancer resource centres. We will pilot this component, which we hope to partner with hospitals that are willing to donate a space within the hospital facility, convenient for cancer patients who have been diagnosed?

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