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  • Recognizing the stigma associated with mastectomy and acknowledging just how expensive a silicone breast prosthesis is, Limau Foundation has trained over 300 women to make prosthetics with 100% cotton yarn empowering these women economically and providing an inexpensive option to women who were previously using cabbage leaves and socks.

  • The knitted prosthetics are affordable to produce as they cost about $10 compared to their silicone counterparts which retail for between &30-$500. To date, Limau has donated prosthetic breasts to over 5,000 breast cancer survivors all over the Country.

  • Our breast cancer support groups manage the production of the prosthetic breasts which we donate to support groups, doctors clinics, hospitals and patients who are referred to us.

  • We have conducted numerous sensitisation campaigns to educate cancer patients on cancer prevention, management, and patient rights.

  • We have a support system that includes our main Facebook page Limau Cancer Connection, Limau cancer support group and other online support groups, e.g. Where Limau warriors and caregivers are joined by volunteers who include medical professionals, dieticians, psychologists and Limau educators by offering psychosocial support, education  and health advice.

  • Limau Cancer Connection has collected over 108,000 signatures to petition the Kenya government to ZERO RATE taxes on cancer drugs and equipment. Click here to know more…

  • Limau Cancer Connection has successfully held FREE medical camps in Nairobi.

  • In July 2019 Limau was named as the number one cancer organization leading in cancer advocacy and lobbying efforts in the Country by Nation newspaper. Check attached the newspaper document.

  • In August 2019 Limau was nominated for the DIASPORA AWARDS in Texas, USA.

  • Limau organized the first cancer march and petitioned the government to declare cancer a national disaster in June 2019. ACT – Act on Cancer today.

  • Limau has referred over 5000 cancer patients to different hospitals and doctors for specialized treatment. 

  • During the COVID-19 shelter in place, we stepped up and fed families impacted by cancer in the slums around Nairobi, Kenya through peer-to-peer and social media fundraisers.

  • We have held several breast cancer awareness walks in Nairobi.

  • We have donated knitted prostheses to over 10,000 women in Kenya and trained over 500.

  • Before COVID-19, we held monthly cancer educational forums at the American Spaces which are donated by the American Embassy in Kenya.

  • We have over 25 limau educators across Keya.

  • Partnership of Know your Lemons foundation to educate communities.

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