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Give Breast cancer survivors A new lease on life

 For every 100,000 women in Kenya 34 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Many of them cannot access breast prosthesis after a Mastectomy 

Our mission is to change that!

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Build a world that is safe where no woman has to feel the stigma that comes with breast cancer.

Limau Cancer Connection is a non-profit organization in CA, USA and a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Kenya that helps breast cancer survivors to form meaningful friendships through knitting circles, that create special handmade breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies with an aim to end the stigma caused by breast cancer

The Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers are knitted prostheses for breast cancer survivors. So far, we have trained over 70 people to make them: these include HIV patients, persons with physical disabilities, cancer survivors, orphans and more. We call them the ‘Pink Warriors Knitters’.



— We give Knitted hope

We help breast cancer survivors to form meaningful friendships through knitting circles to end the stigma caused by cancer.


— We Build Networks

We create a network of cancer survivors and caregivers with a team of experts who connect to get psychosocial support and peer mentorship from those who have experienced the same journey


— We Educate

We bridge the breast cancer knowledge and awareness gap and give hope of survival to cancer patients in our support groups through informative forums and events


— We strengthen

Beyond treatment, survivors experience a lot of emotional burden, we offer a platform for engagement and a source of hope and encouragement for both survivors and caregivers


— We Provide Care

AS this is a very sensitive moment in their lives, it goes with out saying that they need to be treated with care and assured all is well. As such we provide counselling & safe spaces where survivors can talk freely and share their inner most fears without stigmatisation


— We Consult

We connect many of our women with leading specialist in the field of breast cancer, They get to learn and understand the journey of being a breast cancer survivor.


Ndanu Musyoka

Great initiative not just for cancer patients but also a support system for caregivers and those who have lost their loved ones. Loving every bit of what they do. Very humbling.

Mary Magua

It is a breath of fresh air for all the affected. Doing small things but in a unique way. Well done Limau for the knitted prosthesis

Florence Warigia

Thanks limau, today i received knockers after walking without a breast for 6 years, may God continue using u, God bless u all


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