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Learn About Your Lemons:
Limau means lemons…in Swahili. The name derives from the famous saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” At Limau, when life gives you cancer, we make a pink lemonade
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Our Core Values

  • Integrity – Patients and caregivers sit on the Limau board in the spirit of the maxim “Nothing for us without us”. We publish our financial statements on our website and over 80% of our spending is directed back into our programs.
  • Equity – At Limau, no one is left behind on account of their gender or disability or status quo.
  • Humanity – Considering the impact of breast cancer on our people, we never lose sight of the human values of community, empathy, kindness, compassion and familial love.
  • Inclusion – Cancer Patients lives matter. We cancer patients and ensure that their voices are heard.
  • Our Mission

    To raise breast cancer awareness by educating our communities and providing them with access to resources that help them live a better and dignified life before and after cancer diagnosis.

    Our Best Approach

    • Raising cancer awareness
    • Unleashing compassion
    • Building communities
    • Proclaiming a cure!!
    • Pursuing humanity
  • Let the healing begin …
  • Testimonials

    "She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Joined limau in 2018. It's very informative and the support is very warm. It has enabled her to get the knitted boobs which are more comfortable than the silicone ones which are slippery and come off easily."
    Mary Wangui (46yrs)
    Secondary School Teacher
    "Has diabetes (diagnose with diabetes in 2016) and diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2019. Joining Limau helped her become more positive about her situation because of the immense support."
    Lucille Wairimu (55yrs)
    Stage 2 breast cancer
    "She was diagnosed in March 2019 with nasal pharyngeal (a tumour growing in the nose and outside the nose and caused face to swell. It spread into the lung, liver and caused brain edema). She is still undergoing treatment. She joined Limau in 2019 before she finished chemotherapy. She feels like more of a care gives than a survivor and Limau helped encourage her especially when she saw that others had it worse than her. "
    Stella Momanyi (45YRS)
    "She was diagnosed with fibroids in 2012 because of heavy bleeding. She has to get her uterus removed on 7th October 2019. Joined Limau in October and she has embraced it because of all the support she gets and also by networking with women who are undergoing the same issues as she is."
    Virginiah Njeri Githei (57yrs)
    Real Estate Agent;
  • Please we request you to fill out the form below in order to give us enough information about your cancer;
  • "Nancy Githoitho is the Founder of Limau Cancer Connection, & Limau Foundation. Limau as an non-profit organisation started three years ago in memory of the founder's mother Nancy Githoitho, who succumbed to breast cancer in June of 2017. Limau is a grassroots non-profit advocating and supporting networks of breast cancer warriors, who are underserved and live in marginalized communities in Kenya"
    Nancy Githoitho
    CEO Limau Cancer Connection

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